A Window To The World is a creative collaboration between KesselsKramer, screenwriter Efthimis Filippou, and 62 artists.

Due to the worldwide lockdown demanded by COVID-19, we suddenly had to stay inside. While staying at home, we found ourselves staring out of our windows, realizing that this was our only physical connection to the outside world. We wondered: if these windows could talk, what would they tell us?

It started in Amsterdam. Then hopped over to Greece. And then it travelled all around the world. In less than two weeks, together (apart), we created a film and a window collection.

To all who participated, we can’t thank you enough. To all who are watching the result, thanks for peering in, from your window to ours.

April, 2020

Concept by
Maartje Slijpen
Brenda Waegemaekers

Words by
Efthimis Filippou

Windows by
Jean Jullien
Jonas Ersland
Gianni Baha
Harry Neville-Towle
Karen Rosetzsky
Thomas Kuijpers
Michèle Degen
Daniel Pires
Alan Rodríguez
Karel De Mulder
Oscar Romagosa
David Charles Rodrigues
Design & Other
Ariën Rasmijn
Jessie Yingying Gong
Jaap Grolleman
Olga Lisowska
Ayesha Kaprey
Katerina Papanagiotou
Bart Eysink Smeets
Ana Rita Sousa
Melita Skamnaki
Katja van Heugten
Annika Hänni
Willem van Amerom
Christina Christoforou
Finlay Mackay
Annegien van Doorn
André de Jager
Sarah Fricke
Rasmus Smith Bech
Eike König
Maria Walnut & Marcus Nössing
Sepus Noordmans
Will Sanders
From Form
Roberta Melchert
Geraldine Pillinger & Keith Clements
Wytze Hoogslag
Noel Billet
Umi Ishihara
Anthony Burrill
Adam Morton-Delaney
Lucie Schwindenhammer
Christophe Szpajdel
Sandrine Boulet
Zalán Szakács
Yigit Karagöz
Jeremy Liebman
Nirit Peled
Onno Blase
Nadine Kolodziey
Job Antoni
Thomas Trum
Pinar Demirdag
Bella Donna Nag
Katrin von Niederhäusern
Paul Stümpel
George Lewis Jr.
Vasilis Marmatakis

Thomas Dudkiewicz
Wouter Sessink
Tom Fekkes
Nuel van Gelder de Neufville